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One Platform, all you need

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A fully flexible and customizable solution that leverages an open architecture to integrate proprietary logic and third-party trade workflow component


Build in browsers based IDE, subscribe to NYSE, FTSE, NSE and multiple data feeds, access advanced statistical models to research on dedicated nodes


Backtest your created strategy or choose from library of ML backed strategies. With data as old as 20 years, test via API or cloud hosted dedicated node.

Trade Execution

Deploy your trading strategy on live architecture with 7 brokerage platforms (for crypto & equities)


Harness the power of Machine Learning in your next strategy

Create your application in any language. No more C++/Java limitations. Use the technology you already know, and spend your time creating, not integrating.

We provide you structured, versioned JSON RESTful and Websocket APIs with low latency and more than 20+ year of historical data. 

Our APIs RESTful API is enriched with Machine Learning variables, Optimization parameters and advanced statistical parameters to enhance your alpha production. 


Sample Code

Quantl has several Open Source projects that you can use to easily interact with our financial data APIs. We also provide client libraries for popular languages such as Python, JS, Kotlin, and PHP.  Sign up for an account to access our free stock price API and get started with one of the libraries below.


Stocks API provides REST endpoints that let you query the latest market data from all US stock exchanges. You can also find data on company financials, stock market holidays, corporate actions, and more.

Our REST APIs are based on entitlements that control which endpoints you can use and which kinds of data you can access. Examples in these docs include your API key, which only you can see, and are personalized based on your entitlements.


WebSocket API provides streaming access to the latest stock market data from all US stock exchanges. You can specify which channels you want to consume by sending instructions in the form of actions. Our WebSockets emit events to notify you when an event has occurred in a channel you've subscribed to.

Our WebSocket APIs are based on entitlements that control which WebSocket Clusters you can connect to and which kinds of data you can access

Quantl API

Multiple API options offer the integration into your existing system landscape using standard technology.

  • Inbound FIX API supporting simple orders, execution algos and market data

  • Machine Learning 4 trading (ML4T) API to provide sophisticated mathematical models via REST interface

  • Inbound REST interface to access all features of the platform

  • Real-time event notifications via WebSocket API

  • API Management wallet, to store keys to be used with ML4T Rest, Websocket or FIX APIs. 



Nanosecond Timestamps

10+ Exchange Data Since 1970
50+ Years of Historical Tick Data

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